Where do Spuds Come From?

We are always being told by the government or whoever to eat vegetables etc as they are “healthy”. Being healthy means it is something that has grown in the ground made from seeds or “plants”. Examples of this type of food are sprouts, carrots, curry and potatoes. Or so we are led to believe.

I recently saw some boxes that have thrown my whole world in to chaos. Luckily I managed to sneakily take a photo before I was moved on (with excessive force) by the authorities. This photo is shown below (those of a sensitive nature may not want to click the link):

Potato Factory

Can someone please explain what a Potato Factory is?? We have been lied to all along. Potatoes (if that is their real name) are supposed to be grown in soil, but apparently they are artificially created in factories. Now I don’t have any facts but I can only assume that they are cobbled together from a combination of gravel, mechanically reconstituted chicken, nuclear waste and drugs.

On further investigation I found the following book for sale:

Potato Factory Book

Now I fully admit that I haven’t read it, or bothered to read the synopsis., but if you allow me to jump to conclusions for a moment then I think this clearly demonstrates further evidence of a worldwide potato based conspiracy.

Following my own investigations, the following facts have been determined:

1) The conspiracy seems to be centred around Burscough, Lancashire

2) People who have worked in a “Potato Factory” all have the nick-name “Spud”

3) If asked a “Spud”will deny ever working in a Potato Factory. They will even deny being called Spud.

I am very worried about this and what it means for the country. I think the 12 foot lizards\Royal Family\NWO may be responsible and if they are involved then it can only be a bad thing.

If you have any further information please get in touch.

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16 thoughts on “Where do Spuds Come From?

  1. The Speak Man

    I have witnessed first hand the denial that surrounds the Potato Factory conspiracy. I too know of a man from Burscough who denies ever working in a Potato Factory or ever being nicknamed Spud. I also have two pieces of evidence to prove this is a bare faced lie:
    1. He is named in a song that states the words “he comes from burscough and he makes potato”. Why would a song state this fact if not true!!
    2. Although denying his nickname he has been heard being called “Spud” on several occasions by Mr Ruson who knows and sees everything!!!
    This conspiracy is getting out of hand – this is starting to get more complex than the “Our Mike slashed me couch” scandal of 2006!

  2. The Speak Man

    Mr Sherby – obviously your investigatory skills are amazing. Please please please could you finally investigate and give an answer to the following question that has haunted my night times for the past three years – “why were phil and tony left out of the loop??” I think we all need to know and so we can all finally lay this one to rest!!

  3. Sherby57

    Dear The Speakman

    We here in the Sherby57 offices fully appreciate your support and fully intend to investigate the “out of the loop” and “couch slashing” scandals.

    Stay tuned as we look to uncover the truth.

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  7. Dr Angel

    I live ten minutes away from Burscough and can confirm the following:

    1. Burscough has a ‘yoof’ problem and has at least 600 youth clubs despite only having a population of 200 people.
    2. They train pole dancers in Burscough. The pole dancers are then recruited to Stefan Dennis’ chain of erotic boutiques ‘Slutz Emporia’.
    3. Mysterious wagons are seen driving from Burscough to Skelmersdale’s industrial village ‘Pimbo’. Is this where the potato is manufactured?The only way to find out is to join a staffing agency and try and infiltrate the very bowels of Pimbo itself.

    1. sherby57 Post author

      Just when the Burscough news had started to dry up, you arrive, dear Doctor. Your information is invaluable. Could I please clarify the following points:

      1. Is it true that the people of Burscough have to visit a minimum of three youth clubs each per night to ensure they stay open?

      2. Does Stefan Dennis know Goot “Goot The Crow” The Crow?

      3. Do you prefer red or white wine?

  8. Dr. Angel

    1. Yes
    3. Rose lambrini.

    I hope i have answered you in my typically convoluted, verbose and long winded style

    the doctor is IN!

  9. sherby57 Post author

    Thanks, as ever, dear doctor. I’m a bit disappointed that i can’t link the scoundrel Dennis to the overaching Crow conspiracy, but we can’t have everything.

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  11. Dr. Angel

    he he

    that ker-azy burscough. Burscough has taken to wearing a feather boa with the word/s ‘laissex faire’ and ‘shoe fayre’ attached to it, with loc-tite.

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