Goot Crow Oz

Ozzy Crow


This is an official warning to all Australian cobbers of Sherby57. The sinister business magnate\tribal warlord Goot “Goot The Crow” Crow is on his way to your country. We advise extreme caution for the next few weeks as we have not been able to fully account for his whereabouts.

 Rumours are abound on the internet that he is intended to purchase Uluru aka Ayers Rock and rename it Goots Rock.  Some say that he intends to hollow it out and create an underground HQ to survive the nuclear holocaust he intends to release on the world.  Other rumours have him links to Aussie Fashion Desginer Joshua Goot (Check him out on Wikipedia). Are the two related? It’s an intriguing new development.

 Our antipodean correspondants are now on red alert.. we will find out what he is up to. And stop him if we can. Stay tuned and stay safe! We must protect Toby Mangel at all costs.

On you wild man!


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