Amazingly Hilarious Jokes

Mike Tyson, who appeared in

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Q: Which 1980’s sitcom actress has her own denim ship?
A: Jean Boht

Q: Which boxer is the male child of a combat sport from Thailand?
A: Mike Tyson (Muay Thai’s Son)

Q: Which comedian has a merchandise range based on a noisy bag of crisps?
A: Russell Brand (Rustle brand)

Q: Which soap character’s job is to assess the value of mechanically raising a water bird?
A: Jack Duckworth

Q: Which driving manoeuvre do you have to perform to see a half-female sheep\half-sea bird hyrbrid?
A: A U-Turn (Ewe Tern)

Q: Which superhero likes to divide his broth on the basis of all males having a share?
A: Superman (Soup per man)

Q: Which car’s language is getting progressively more common?
A: Corsa

Q: Where did the native American go to wear his George Michael toupee?
A: A wigwam

Q: Which vegetable, which you find in a rabbit’s home, likes Tolstoy novels?
A: War and peace (warren peas)

Q: Which animal does a mafia boss use to open locks?
A: A donkey

Q: Which form of transport is a shard of frozen water that swings both ways?
A: A bicycle (bi-icicle)

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