Mikey Muscles

Despite his trendy haircut and frequent excursions to the local gymnasium, Mikey Muscles was lonely.  It appeared that his bulging physique and honest-to-gosh good looks were no guarantee for finding Miss Right.  He had no idea where she might be, despite asking her dad, Ron.  It seemed as though, his search would come to nothing.  His lost love seemed destined to remain lost.

Ron Right was gutted.  Mikey would have made a lovely son-in-law.  Not only was he a caring, sensitive, modern man, but with those muscles he would have been a boon when it came to decorating.  He cursed his daughter, Mangetout, for having disappeared.

Mangetout Right had made a new life for herself in that London.  She had left her stupid father and his idiotic name-giving skills behind.  She was happy now.

Mikey Muscles decided that he would go to the chippy for tea.

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