This Kid

Let me tell you something, this kid is gonna be a star.  Oh, yes.  He’s going places.  With his chubby cheeks, so rosy, and his resplendent dickie bow, so twattish, who could resist his charms?  Not I! Oh, yes.

Golddiggers beware! The kid ain’t no chump.  Just cos he’s chubby, don’t mean he’s chumpy.  He’s sharp as a tack (drawing pin) and twice as eager.  Can you see how one of his eyes his bigger than the other? Well that’s so he can keep you under surveillance, you cheap slut.  Sure, you wanna take a shtup of his wang in exchange for Jimmy Shoes or a Lewis Vitton satchel, but you better forget it, sister.

The kid is bound to win some awards.  I imagine he’ll start with an Oscar and work his way up from there.  Oh, yes!  He’ll be up there with your De Niroes, Pacinoes and Davroes before you can neck a pepperami.   And, before you ask, I can neck a pepperami in under four minutes.  Gobble gobble.

In conclusion: this kid’s gonna be a star!

4 thoughts on “This Kid

    1. sherby57 Post author

      I did. His reply was: “Hello to you, too. Thanks for your interest in me and my future projects. Yours sincerely, your little friend.”

  1. sherby57 Post author

    Thanks :) I’ve always loved drawing, and this is a nice way of drawing something daft and then seeing what kind of blog post gets inspired by it.


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