Justice Club Idol: Captain Saucepan

Last time on Fantasti-Man…

Errr, right.  Basically the whole universe was saved by Fantasti-Man, but he had to reboot it to do so.  Most things seemed to stay the same – especially his girlfriend The Ultra-Femicon\Sheila – but one thing had changed…there was no Justice Club! Eeek! Absolute nightmare.  Anyway, this has prompted F-M to start an X Factor-style auditions process to find new Justice People (super-heroes) in order to fill the ranks of a NEW Justice Club.  Those auditions are starting…NOW!

(If none of that makes any sense, then try reading the previous chapter, here).

And now, the story continues…

Fantasti-Man sits impatiently behind his big desk what he borrowed off of his close personal friend Simon Cowell.  He’s sat next to his bird, The Ultra-Femicon, and she’s proper tall.  And she’s got a golden helmet on.  She’s sat next to Graham.  Nobody knows who Graham is, but he’s the third and final member on the judging panel.  Oooh mysterious.  Let’s hope that the whole “Graham Mystery” pays off at some point in the future.

It’s time.  The auditions are starting.  The first contender walks through the door.  That man is…

Captain Saucepan! Captain Saucepan with his massive pecs and tight red jumpsuit emblazoned with his patented saucepan logo.  But, wait! There’s more to Captain Saucepan than a hunky body and a natty dress sense.  Oh, yes.  Indeed, Captain Saucepan comes fully equipped with Saucepanvision! Oooooh! Yeah, you’re right to be impressed.  With his mighty Saucepanvision, Captain Saucepan is able to lightly poach eggs from a distance of up to 15 metres! FUCKING HELL CAPTAIN SAUCEPAN YOU IS AMAZING.

The Feedback:

Graham:  For me, you’ve brought your “A” game, but you might as well have brought your “HEY” game because you, quite literally made me say “hey”.

Ultra-Femicon:  Jesus wept.  A tasty breakfast does not a saved universe make.

Fantasti-Man: That. Was. Sensational.  We’re looking for new Justice People and I think we may have just found one.

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Justice Club Idol: Captain Saucepan

      1. sherby57 Post author

        Like all good super hero universes (universi?), a terribly cheesy spin-off, The Adventures of Graham, is almost inevitable!

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